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Midwest Business Funding Specializes in Funding the Construction Industry

Midwest Business Funding Specializes in Funding the Construction Industry

With any small business, it can be a challenge to keep up the funds needed to support growth. The construction industry can be uniquely challenging. Midwest Business Funding is and has been a great fit for small subcontractors. It is typical to have a variety of layers and experts involved in a construction project such as the owner of the project, a general contractor, and various specialty subcontractors (even subs to another sub). Midwest Business Funding can help contractors speed up the collection of their receivables to keep the projects moving.  Many times we are helping with government or big municipal projects where the money just does not move quickly and for a small, growing business to cash flow, it’s very difficult without an alternative means of financing.

It is typical for banks to have challenges lending to commercial construction. They’re not equipped to follow the payments and the processes in this particular industry, so they just don’t take on these deals often. Midwest Business Funding can step in and partner with the bank or help the construction client directly. Right now, commercial and residential construction is booming. Materials are at a premium, labor is at a premium, and getting all the supplies that you need to be a contractor isn’t easy. Project time frames are also being pushed back, and financing can provide less stress for the contractors.

We just funded a rapidly growing commercial contractor in St. Louis that does work for financial institutions, refurbishing banks, and investment firms like Charles Schwab and Bank of America. Their growth and their pipeline are at an all-time high, so they need more working capital. Midwest Business Funding provided a 1.5 million factoring line of credit against their receivables.  Our credit facility allowed the company to speed up its cash flow to keep its projects moving with our working capital.

MBF has a very simple process with no red tape and extensive underwriting.  Our team is quick and efficient in working to get you a term sheet within 24 hours of your submission.  Our common-sense approach will have you the funds you need in less than a week.  Once you’re set up with us, subsequent fundings usually happen between twenty-four and forty-eight hours. We pride ourselves on exceptional service and helping our clients navigate their financing challenges while growing their businesses to new levels.

Our company has been built on referrals from our strategic partners, clients, and industry partners.  We would love to help you.  Just fill out our simple application or contact us for a short conversation to see if we can help you.