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Maximizing Money for your Business

Maximizing Money for your Business

Most business leaders understand the time value of money on some level, but the question is how well? As a business, money or having capital available allows you to take advantage of opportunities. On the flip side, when you are waiting to get paid to be able to move forward on opportunities, you are losing money and potentially could lose out on opportunities as a whole. The healthiest businesses don’t have to say no to fruitful opportunities. All business owners should innovate to find solutions to be equipped with the capital they need to grow their business. Most businesses fall into two categories if they are healthy, those with a nice stash of reserves or those who have innovated to find a means for cash on hand at all times. In today’s world there are so many innovative solutions to position your business for healthy financial success. Ensure you are set for success and if Midwest Business Funding is of interest to explore partnership, let’s talk!

Business Owner Key Takeaways:
1. Truly understand the time value of money and how it currently impacts your business both positively and negatively.
2. Innovate! Position your business with cash and never say no to opportunities (or fear missing a payroll).

Let us illustrate a couple of success stories.

A rapidly growing logistics firm needed help through a crucial growth period. The owner of the firm had bad personal credit due to some outstanding student loan debt and some other issues and therefore was unable to get funding through a traditional bank.
He was an expert in his industry and he had Fortune 500 customers. We worked with him for three or four years, helping him pay his staff and his workers every week. As he got more efficient, he was able to then move on to conventional financing after us and he is on his way now to being a very successful company.

A highway safety business came to us as they were coming out of a Chapter Eleven bankruptcy reorganization. We help them grow their business without any other funding over the course of four years. There was no bank financing in place or SBA loans. There were no other investors coming into this business. We helped with project funding, buying equipment, and helped them cash flow their business through financing their invoices. When they came to us, they were $1.5 million in revenue and grew close to $8 million in revenue by the time they left us.