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Keep Building and Investing in Relationships

Keep Building and Investing in Relationships
It is a critical time in our world to invest in relationships, but there is an important message here; never stop meeting new people or investing in relationships. Relationships are the lifeblood of any successful business. Relationships are the core of any successful person. We tend to take them for granted too often and we tend to be inconsistent with how we invest in them. So, wherever you are on the spectrum of relationship building, take a step.
1. Get started. Understand who you can best serve and build a profile. Your profile should be as detailed as possible. Think bullet points that represent that contact. Then, share that profile with others and ask for introductions or use LinkedIn to search for them. Reach out for a virtual introductory conversation.
2. Build Strategic Relationships. Get clear on your value proposition and your ideal client and then brainstorm other professionals that have a similar, non-competing value proposition and also target the same ideal client. Consider strategic partners one of your most valuable assets. Invest in building trust and bringing them results as often as possible. Communicate at minimum, weekly.

We believe in our strategic partners and their businesses, so we always keep them top of mind when making referrals and they do the same for us.

3. Make Deposits Every Day. Proactively identify people in your life, every single day, to reach out and ask how you can help them or share something of value with them. Your outreach could look something like this, “Hi John, I was just thinking of you. What is one thing that I could do to help you this week?” or when you are scrolling LinkedIn and find an article that seems to be good for John, forward it over with a little message about why you thought of him.


I have many resources that taught me the importance of this topic and also helped me refine my skills.
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