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A Great Start to a Great New Year

We all experienced challenges in 2020. It taught us all a lot. No matter what is going on in the world, we’re in control of our day. Try to win the day, every day. This includes embracing the changes. Fight through the hurdles. Celebrate the opportunities. Use “I get to” versus “I have to” for a powerful shift in mental state. Remember that gratitude and appreciation transform everything. We all have the opportunity to do great things this year no matter what the year brings.

MBF is off to a great start. Check out our recent fundings below. I’d love to be a partner to you this year when hurdles or opportunities come your way. If you need funding, click the button and apply.

Our Recent Fundings in 2021:

Commercial Construction Contractor working on Municipal Project
for local school
Factoring line: $240,000

Indianapolis based  IT Servicing Company servicing over 300 customers
Factoring line: $400,000

Indianapolis based Software Reseller
Factoring Line: $295,000

East Coast Transportation Co.
Quick Capital Loan: $65,000

We’re off to the races with many fundings in the works or done deals! Cheers to 2021! Things are looking up. Proud of our team!